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I’ve taken my 20 years’ experience of working with arts and culture brands to create
The Brand Warrior Method

The approach gives traditional branding concepts a modern twist. So that today’s creative pioneers can build businesses with brands that have edge and stand out in crowded markets.

The approach celebrates creative individualism. The people behind the brands. Designers, makers, artists, photographers. Who are brave enough to forge their own path. Do life differently. Make ideas happen. Share their creativity with the world. Because the world can’t evolve without it.

Through following The Brand Warrior Method, I take creative businesses on a step-by-step quest to find their distinctive warrior spirit.

Once we find it, we tap into it, to find their edge and their ‘something’. That hard to describe feeling that connects with the hearts of customers. That creates a unique brand experience.

Together we create a warrior brand.

Warrior brands are clear on their point of difference and their edge.  They are brave and bold and dare to be different. With stronger profile and customer engagement, they get more sales. 

The Warrior Way.

Seven values underpin The Brand Warrior Method and guide the warrior way of working.

Warriors value integrity. We stand by this value by building a brand that’s true to you.

Creative individualism.
Warriors value creative individualism. We stand by this value by finding your distinctive warrior spirit.

Warriors value action. We stand by this value by turning past frustrations into personal power.     

Warriors value self-expression. We stand by this value through honesty and saying what we mean.

Warriors value energy. We stand by this value by finding your warrior energy. To fuel your brand’s unique emotional ability. How you connect with customers.

Warriors value self-awareness. We stand by this value by looking outside of ourselves, so we can strengthen what is within.

Warriors value challenge. We stand by this value by going to the edge of our comfort zones for personal growth.

Go on the journey.

Do you want to create a warrior brand for your business? Then find out more about a journey Through the Trees.

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